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Apa itu BPA Free? Apa Bahaya BPA Untuk Tubuh?

J ika saat membeli bahan bahan pecah belah plastik, apakah kalian menyadari sebagian besar ada label "BPA Free", lalu apa sih BPA Free itu?  BPA merupakan singkatan  bisphenol A  – yang merupakan zat kimia yang sudah digunakan secara luas sejak tahun 1950-an. Bahan ini digunakan dalam plastik polikarbonat dan resin epoxy.  Plastik polikarbonat adalah bahan yang digunakan untuk plastik plastik wadah makanan, seperti stoples, botol minum, dan tempat makan. Sementara, resin epoxy adalah bahan yang digunakan sebagai pelapis kemasan kaleng yang berfungsi untuk mencegah permukaan kaleng berkarat. Jadi, BPA free adalah kemasan yang terbebas dari  bisphenol A  yang sering digunakan dalam bahan yang disebutkan tadi.  BPA di dalam kemasan bisa terurai dan masuk ke dalam makanan yang tersimpan di dalam kemasan tersebut sehingga jika dikonsumsi akan masuk ke dalam tubuh manusia.  Food and Drug Administration  menyebutkan bahwa BPA aman jika masuk ke dalam tubuh dalam jumlah kecil. Akan t

Visit Indonesia, You Have To Taste These Indonesian Food

If you visit Indonesia, one of things that you wanna do is you try testing its food. Yea, so in this article I wanna recommend you a few Indonesian food that you have to taste.  1. Rendang Rendang is traditional food originated among Minangkabau people in West Sumatra, Indonesia. But you can find this anywhere in Indonesia specially in Rumah Makan Padang or Padang Restaurants. Padang is one of cities in Indonesia and capital city of West Sunatera. It indicates to Minangkabau people also. Rendang is rich dish of meat, commonly is beef. 2. Sate Sate Madura   (  Sate Padang (photo:Instagram:@dada.tastes) Sate Maranggi (photo:Instagram:@crcook_cooking)  Sate or Satay is skewered and grilled meat, served in a sauce. Sate or Satay known by other names across Southeast Asia. We have beef, chicken, goat meat sate even rabbit sate in some district or places. We have few kinds of sate. A few of them are Sate Madura, Sate Padang, and Sate Maranggi

Culture Shock In Indonesia. You Should Read This Before Visit Indonesia!

 Hello guys... How do you do? While you are traveling in other states or countries, doesn't close the possibility that you will feel cultures shock. I wanna talk about my country's condition that make foreigner feel shock in Indonesia.  I'v resumed from few friend's experiences,  blogs, and from media social complately. Then, I wanna give you information and reason from Indonesia's side clearly 🙃😉 are you curious? You should know these before come to Indonesia to prepare yourself. So, check it out! 1. Smiling   When first time come to Indonesia, maybe in the airport or anywhere it, you will find peoples who smiling at you while you are staring at them. For foreigner, maybe it will be so weird. But calm down, it is normal in Indonesia. We like smiling although we don't know who is it, for show them that we are open person and friendly. The problem is Indonesia don't only smile if they are happy or to show that they are welcome. They also smile to cover up n